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Welcome to the Thompson Historical Society's Website

The icon of the Thompson Historical Society is our Old Town Hall building. The Old Town Hall, constructed about 1842, was possibly designed by Thompson born architect Ithiel Town, one of America's most noted early commercial architects.

Ithiel TownThe Old Town Hall has been called one of Ithiel Towne's last designs. While this claim has never been proven, it would make sense that Ithiel Towne, the founder of Towne & Davis, one of America's earliest professional architectural firms, performed this one last service for his beloved hometown, Thompson, CT.

The Old Town Hall building served as the center of Thompson's government for 80 years. Narrowly avoiding demolition in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Thompson Historical Society bought the building for $1 in 1968 and then spent nearly 20 years restoring the building. As with all historic buildings, regular and typically expensive maintenence is required to keep such a building in working order.

Since 1995, the building has served the Historical Society as a museum gift shop and has contributed to its own survival. In recent years, the larger expenses of roof replacement and painting regularly empty the maintenence funds available to the Thompson Historical Society.

A major capital campaign that concluded in early 2012 included.significant work to the bell tower and porch. The building received a full paint job and repairs to the porch floor and pillars.



Advertisement for Bid


Thompson Historical Society, Thompson, CT


Soliciting Bids for

Ellen Larned Memorial Building Roof Restoration and Repair Project


The Thompson Historical Society of Thompson, CT is seeking sealed bids for the Ellen Larned Memorial (ELM) Building Roof Restoration and Repair Project, located at 339 Thompson Road, Thompson, CT. All bids must be submitted to: ELM Building Roof Restoration Project, Attention: Renee Waldron, Town Clerk, Town of Thompson, 815 Riverside Drive, North Grosvenordale, CT 06255 no later than May 1, 2018, 4:00 PM.


The project requires a specialized roofing contractor for the removal, repair and restoration of the historic 1902 Spanish-tile roof. Details of the project includes, but are not limited to; installing appropriate staging in order to remove and secure undamaged tiles; repairing damage or rotted sub-roofing; sheathing the roof with specified materials; replace damaged tiles with age-appropriate replacements from an pre-approved source; repairing/replacing rotted or damage fascia and other trim; flashing all valleys, hips, sidewalls and ridges; painting where necessary, etc.


Bid specification packages are available by contacting Joe Lindley at: 860-928-5527 or Hard copy packages are available for $10.00, PDFs of the package will be sent via Email free of charge. Makes checks payable to: THS, PO Box 47, Thompson, CT 06277.

Partial funding for this project is provided by Connecticut’s Historic Restoration Fund. All work must meet the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and be approved by the State Historic Preservation Office.

The bidder must provide certificate of insurance, naming the Thompson Historical Society and the State of CT as A.T.I.M.A., provide signed copies of the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) form, and provide appropriate bonding.


Mandatory pre-bid site visit will occur April 18, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. No bidder may withdraw bid for a period of 60 days. Bidder must provide three (3) references and pictures of similar projects.


Note: This project is supported by the State of CT Department of Economic and Community Development, State Historic Preservation Office. Thompson Historical Society is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Minority/Women's Business Enterprises are encouraged to apply. Bidders must provide two signed copies of their proposal and required paperwork.



Gift Shop

Thompson Congregational Church's Monthly Record Magazine

While Ellen Larned is probably best known for her two historical volumes "History of Windham County Connecticut", she also wrote many articles for magazines and newspapers which contained a wealth of information pertaining to Thompson, CT. An important part of these miscellaneous writings is a series of articles, published in the Congregational Church's "The Monthly Record" magazine between 1897 and 1900, titled "Thompson's First Families". Finally, after more than 100 years of being hidden away, these articles have been compiled into a single indexed document. Click the link below to view the articles.

Thompson's First Families


"Ye Old Jacobs Tavern Clock"

by Mark Snay

At the time of George Washington's visit to Jacob's Tavern in November 1789, a tall English made clock stood in the hall. Last heard of in 1892, THS sleuthing and some luck uncovered how this relic of Thompson's storied past travelled from Connecticut, to a Florida Antiques Mall and ended up in Tennessee.

Download the story in PDF format



Cover Picture

For information on the Thompson Trolley (and Trolleys in Connecticut) visit:

The Shore Line Trolley Museum

Click on image to visit The Trolley Museum web site


If anyone has rail or trolley related questions for the Thompson area, please see the acclaimed Tylercity station website and communicate with Thompson's rail expert:

Robert Joseph Belletzkie
Librarian, Historian, Ferroequinologist, WebStationmaster

Celebrating and preserving our railroad heritage at

Phone 203-913-9630

Supporting Thompson's rail heritage

1856 CT Map

Link to the William Lester 1832 map of Windham County please on the Library of Congress site:



Click on Map to see Thompson in 1832

1856 CT Map

For information on Thompson History to the 1890s visit:


Click on Map to see Thompson in 1856

1856 CT Map




Gleanings of Major Robert Thompson
Namesake of Thompson, CT

Prof. Alan Thomson and other historical researchers have shared insights into the life of Major Robert Thompson, the namesake for our town. Newly compiled, 2017.
Edited by Joe Iamartino

Download the story in PDF format

1856 CT Map



A list of all Thompson, CT Soldiers from the Revolutionary War to  WWII

Thompson, Connecticut Men and Women
Who Served in the Armed Forces

Revolutionary War to World War II

Compiled by Joseph Lindley

Download the article in PDF format

War Memorial



Memories of a Thompson Boyhood
By Carroll Hiscox Arnold and Diane deManbey Duebber

People of Thompson will enjoy reading this heart warming true story of life in Thompson in the early 1900s

Download "Memories of a Thompson Boyhood" in PDF format

Echoes of Old Thompson Volume 2

We have many copies of the Echoes of Old Thompson Vol 2 still available for sale on To view the page or to order a copy click here.

Historic Barns

In the past two years, the Connecticut Trust has surveyed almost 900 barns across the state. This survey has yielded a wealth of information about Connecticut’s agricultural history and buildings, but it has also highlighted the threats that face many historic barns and related structures. Read more...

Echos of Old Thompson Errata Sheets:

Folks, as many of you know, whenever writing history books, we rely on memory which is only so good. Thankfully, our readers have helped us update and correct information found in the Echoes of Old Thompson Volumes I and II. For future readers of the books, please download and save a copy of the latest errata sheet.

Click Here to open Echos of Old Thompson Vol. 1 Errata Sheet